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Definition of Citation Regarding SEO – A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.










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Is COVID-19 Effecting Your Business? Setup A Health Notification.

Add a Health Notification to Your Website the easy way.

People are spooked right now about the coronavirus and it effecting businesses.

As Plumbers or carpet contractors, who enter people’s homes, it’s especially important to be mindful of concerns customers may have.

Adding a notification on your website is a simple way to communicate your sanitation efforts and join our efforts to defend against the virus.

And the best part, these notifications can be setup within minutes with a simple WordPress plugin. 

Setup a Cookie Notice Plugin for Every Notice

Over the last couple years many plugins have been created to support European laws around website tracking and cookies.

These plugins are easy to use and can you can add any type of notification you want.

This website uses the Cookie Notice Plugin which has plenty customization options.

Main Features

  • Ability to display notifications on top or bottom of website.
  • Ability to link to supporting pages.
  • Let’s you customize colors.
  • Free to use

Downloading Cookie Notice for WordPress

Login to your WordPress dashboard, click “plugins”, click “add-new”.

Chino Hills Coronavirus

Next, on the following screen type in “cookie notice” in the search bar. Then select the plugin that says “Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA”. You’ll see it has more than 1 million active downloads and over 2,400 five-star reviews.

Click “Install Now” and then “Activate”.

SEO with coronavirus in Chino Hills

Customize Your Notifications

From the WordPress Dashboard click on “Settings” and then “Cookie Notice”.

Notifications for coronavirus SEO

Write Your Notification Message

Next to “Message” you can write whatever notification that you will deem appropriate for your area and market.

Business against coronavirus

Button Text

You can customize the text on the button that will make your notification disappear.

Top SEO in Chino Hills Coronavirus

Privacy Policy

You can click “Enable Privacy Policy Link” if you want to redirect users to another page on your website.

Many local businesses have created new pages on their websites which go into detail explaining what they have done in response to the COVID-19 threat (more on that below).

Coronavirus Notification SEO


Towards the bottom of the plugin you’ll see options to change the Text Color and Bar Color of your notification. (Red gives a natural feeling of urgency but any color is fine.)

Click “Save Changes” and you’re set!

Chino Hills SEO coronavirus

Please note it sometimes takes a couple minutes for the plugin to refresh. You will need to use a new browser, with no cookies, in order for you to see the notification live on your website.

Create Your “Learn More” Page

Here are some examples of emails and social media posts my team has recently seen involving small businesses and the coronavirus.

What I like about all these messages is that they convey a sense of personality that’s appropriate to each business.

(Breakfast Restaurant)

restaurants SEO Chino hills

(Barber Shop)

Barber shops Digital Ironfoot Marketing

(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School)

Martial arts SEO in Chino hills

Tastefully Promoting Indoor Air Quality

In this situation, people will want to increase their air quality in times like this.

Promoting your services in “troubling times” can be extremely distasteful and your business can appear insensitive if you do this incorrectly.

A email I’ve received from Verizon, I believe, hits the right note of concern while highlighting a product they offer.

Here is a screenshot of that message:

Digital Ironfoot Coronavirus

This type of message is perfect to let your customers know about the air quality solutions you offer.

End In A Good Note

Watching the news about what’s happening in our country and abroad can give a rise of concern.

As small local business owners, we are the foundation of the American economy. It’s important for us to respond in a good manner to the threat we face. We need to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy.

Communication with customers online is a great way to build solidarity in the country, to humanize your business, and put people at ease.

In my opinion, I see it as an opportunity, and its also just happens to be the right thing to do.


Digital IronFoot SEO, a Internet Marketing Company

Here at Digital IronFoot, we specialize in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, and Website Design and Consulting. In today’s age, around 80% of all shoppers start with there research online! We strive to give the small to medium size businesses the capability to compete with the big brand businesses by having the customer find you first!

How? you ask. We naturally move your online presence on the biggest online search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to the very first page. This will give you an extraordinary advantage over thousands of other businesses online in your niche. Not only that! We are able to spread your web presence to many social platforms for customers to find your business! We also help you increase your conversion rate when people hop on to your site with web design.

Who Am I?

Harley Lara is the Founder/SEO of Digital IronFoot, a Internet Marketing Company based prominently in the Southern California area. I specialize in helping small to medium size businesses by providing natural traffic to there web presence and help compete with there biggest competitors on there niche in there local area. Just as importantly, to delight every client we serve with an extraordinary experience.

Our Values:

. Honesty
. Integrity
. Respect
. Loyalty
. Trust
. Responsibility
. Enthusiasm

What I Do?

I am a Marketing Consultant in providing knowledge of the importance of business’s Web Presence because of today’s increasing technology. Also, I Specialize in Search Engine Optimization for businesses in there local area. What that consist of is moving a real walk in business’s website from the far back pages of today’s biggest Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and move them to page #1. In Today’s age, around 80% of people begin there shopping experience by researching what they need online! By moving your business to page #1 on google, this will provide a substantial increase of real traffic to a business’s website. SEO is a valuable investment that is becoming a necessity in 2020 and beyond that gives your businesses ahead of the curb of your competitors!

Thank you for visiting DigitalIronFoot.com. We hope to make this the a useful resource by providing the highest quality information to all visitors.

I hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Please check back for updates!

Thank You,
Harley Lara

Integrating SEO into Your Web Design in Chino Hills

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Digital IronFoot, Putting Your Foot Down to Digital Marketing

If you are someone who has been acquainted in making money online, you might have heard that web marketing is where it’s at. Certainly, you will find other ways to earn some cash on the web. Some people want working for others so they trade time offering services on websites. While there were some people, who make bucks taking surveys that is extremely does not take much intelligence and ambition. Plus, there were also some who spend their all time trading stocks in the Forex market.

However, unless you really understand how currency, stock, and trading works, it is better if you will forget all of that stuff and become a web marketing expert.

What is Digital IronFoot Web Marketing and How Exactly Does It Work?

Basically, web marketers sell stuff over the web. As you may understand, majority of people in Europe, United States and all other developed countries have their internet access at present. Even some people in third world countries have smart phones and computers as well, which they can use to surf the internet. In addition, those entire individual buy their stuff, and many of that occurs online. Thus, as a web marketer, you are just trying to get some of those individual to buy from you.

Certainly, you will find lots of ways in order to do this. Let’s take a look of the best tips you can utilize to help you begin your business in a good way.

Make your own Business Plan

The initial step you must take whenever searching to start a web marketing business is to create a business plan. In this business plan, you’ll be able to identify what you will be selling in order to make money with your business. Will you be working as an affiliate through selling services and products on your websites, or will you be selling online marketing services? Understanding how you plan to make revenue will enable you to make a plan of attack for the business where you could decide the best ways to produce or invest your limited cash.

Start with one type of web marketing approach and stick with it

While there are lots of different web marketing methods, it is great if you approach one at a time in order that you could become an expert in that particular method. Through becoming an expert in a single aspect of web marketing like SEO expert, you can make sure that your company is profitable whenever using that approach to sell your services and products.

For example as stated above, understanding the ins and outs of SEO before tackling social media marketing, pay per click advertising and email marketing will allow you to generate revenue from that single type of internet marketing. By the time you are able to begin turning a profit, you’ll be the able to make use of extra money your business need to invest in other sort of online marketing.

Exploring niches

So as to profit and make money on the web, you need to provide unique items in different specialties. In this case, your initial request of the day is to evaluate at least ten 10 corners. You could inquire regarding surprising corners or you could select one specialty for various sub-specialties. For example, you could check into a web dating and then examine several corners such as military singles dating, lesbian dating, single folks dating and so much more.

Determine your market

By the time you made the decision what you want to sell, you would want to assess your target market. This would make it easier for you to get your services or products in front of your target audience through determining where these potential customers congregate online. In addition, depending on the kind of web user you are trying to market to, you might find that they make use of social media sites more than any other sort of site on the web. In this case, then you will like to promote the services and products of your company on those kinds of sites to reach your target audience. This will lessen the number of cash you spend on the resources promoting your company in places where your target isn’t present.

Create your own website

By the time you are done with your exploration, it is now time to create your own site and build a good web design. You will find lots of courses out there that provides the best way to build sites, just see them on the web. It is anything however hard to fabricate specifically on the off chance, which you introduce WordPress.

Advance your website

This is perhaps the most challenging part of web marketing. How can you advance your website? There are some ways and some of them are SEO, publicizing on the diverse advertisement, online networking promoting, Google ranking and so much more.

Lots of people tend to look to begin a web marketing business to lead a comfortable lifestyle through being their own boss, at the same time warning a good income. If you want to start your own web marketing business, however don’t think you got a big enough budget to do so, for sure you will be glad to know that it doesn’t need a lot of cash to get your own web marketing started. Making a business plan to identify how you will generate income, becoming a good expert in a certain area of web marketing and understanding the best ways in order to reach your target audience. It also includes understanding your niche, create your own website and advancing it as well are only some of the best ways you can make sure your web marketing business becomes a huge success along with a limited start up budget.

Any of these methods could profit, be that as it might, in the event that you want to gain profit, it is important that you choose one method and understand all things you need to learn about them.